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Olympic Wrap-Up

From all anecdotal evidence, the 2008 Beijing Olympics lived up to its promise and was a great success. Whether sitting in the Bird’s Nest or watching on television, everyone was simply blown away by the show China put on for the Opening Ceremony. Friends of mine in Beijing had nothing but good things to say […]

ATO (After The Olympics)

Everyone knows what happened to China’s economy after WTO, but what about ATO? China’s accession to the World Trade Organization in late 2001 was one of the factors that touched off six years of double-digit growth in China, culminating in an incredible 11.4 percent expansion of the country’s GDP in 2007. Exports quadrupled from approximately […]

Maria Bartiromo on the Olympics

NBC and its affiliates have a ton of people here covering the Olympics, but even those not in China are featuring Beijing, China and the Games in their broadcasts from the States. In June, I was interviewed by Maria Bartiromo for her Wall Street Journal Report. Even then, much of the talk was about the […]

Olympic Spirit Hits Beijing

Olympic Spirit Hits Beijing

If you are in Beijing and hadn’t gotten into the Olympic spirit before this Monday, you couldn’t help but get into it then. Both NBC and CNN began their Olympic coverage with Matt Lauer conducting interviews on the Great Wall and John Vause and Anjali Rao leading Countdown Beijing.  Meanwhile, United, Continental, Lufthansa and dozens […]

Olympic Sized Line

On Friday the final (legal) chance to buy Olympic tickets came and went, but if you lacked the intestinal fortitude to brave the lines I wouldn’t blame you. Tickets went on sale at 9AM at many venues around the city but there were voracious Olympic fans waiting in line as early as Wednesday night. Phase […]

Olympic Update

If you are intentionally avoiding China and Beijing during the Olympic Games, thinking that the country and the city will just be too crowded, you may want to reconsider. August is always the hottest and most humid month in China’s capital city, and most expatriates living here typically take the month to return to their […]

A Possible Olympic Legacy: A Greener China

Long after the last athlete leaves Beijing, the legacy of the 2008 Olympics will be seen for many years. Terminal 3, the airport train, new subways, roads and stadium venues, a refurbished Forbidden City and countless landscaping projects are all part of the $40 billion makeover that Beijing is receiving in preparation for August. Most, […]

Beijing: A Test Run For The Olympics

Athletes, Olympic Committee Members and city officials are all concerned about the air quality in Beijing when the city hosts the 2008 Olympics next August. As reported in the August 10, 2007 issue of the China Daily (see article “Vehicles ordered off road for Olympics drill” which is contained in its entirety below), the city […]

Blue Skies – an Olympic Smoke-screen

Blue Skies – an Olympic Smoke-screen

The most common conversation I’ve run into over the past week: What’s with the amazing weather? Although Beijing has been having one of the most polluted summers in years, on August eighth, a perhaps-not-so-coincidental year to the day before the Olympics, the sky went bright blue and has stayed that way ever since. So far, […]

China: Getting Serious About Air Pollution?

Sunday looked like a pretty clear day when I woke up yesterday  in Beijing, one of the best we’ve had in a few weeks. However, when I checked my Air Quality Index (“AQI”) application, one that nearly all Beijingers have now installed on their cell phones, it stood at a decidedly “unhealthy” 145. So much […]